Tibet in the NEWS – A.M.

Nepal security men visiting Tibet, vigilance bordering North
Interestingly, beginning Saturday, August 15, 2009,
Nepal ‘s practically all the security agencies are
meeting in Lhasa , Tibet , wherein it is expected …
The Search — Film Review
Hollywood Reporter
By Maggie Lee, August 13, 2009 06:15 ET Bottom Line: An itinerant cinematic wander
through Tibet that leaves a trail of open questions about love,
Movie aims to rein in China’s online mob
Many of these cases involved heightened nationalism online,
such as the Tibet riots of last April. In the case of Grace Wang,
she didn’t even need to be in
Voice of America
China Holds Massive Long-Range Military Exercises
Voice of America

“I do not strictly understand why because it seems to me
that they were able to handle the problems in Tibet and
Xinjiang very quickly,” she said. …
Police detain Tibetan exiles
Straits Times

KATHMANDU – AT LEAST 25 Tibetan exiles were detained Friday as
they staged an anti-China demonstration in front of a United Nations
office in the Nepalese …
Tibet: US Congressional Staff Visit
Chinese authorities will allow United States Congress personnel
into Tibet. At least 10 Congressional staffers depart for travel
in China and Tibet. …

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