Being aware of ones “IDENTITY”

Gloria Anzaldua’s La Consciencia de la mestiza: Towards  a New Consciousness focuses on the position of those with a combination of Spanish, Native American, African, and Anglo roots. She describes the uncomfortable position of both men and women labeled “mestiza” and the need for a mestiza consciousness fixed with the concept of being inclusive and having acceptance. Anzaldua addresses the need to require equality between both males and females with the need to redefine, or at the very least create a new perception of what masculinity could be with the new consciousness.

The transition process to create this new definition must start with the acceptance of all the wrongs, rights and all the in between tensions and contradictions that mark the “identity” of those who fall in this position of “ambiguity” that Anzaldua shares. She States that this must also start with recognizing the past and the present injustices inflicted upon such “identities”. ‘

“We can no longer blame you [oppressors], nor disown the white parts, the male parts, the pathological parts, the queer parts, the vulnerable parts.”

The future will definitely be more integrative, with more people having a direct contact with multiple races and cultures. However, there will always be a place for isolationism, voluntary or forced. Living in a monoculture (or having a monoculture identity) is no necessarily a bad thing, but being aware of it is definitely necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Being aware of ones “IDENTITY”

  1. @ Norrbu. I think her piece his stating the same thing, that there is no one identity that makes us and instead we should accept intersectionality as a course of understanding one self not searching for one self.

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