Practicing in a capitalistic society

Where does democracy stand in America? It’s when the majority of the vote comes from those in the same group with enough resources to influence the minority of people who are in actuality the majority in number. So does majority vote still work up to its ideals when it’s not beneficial to the majority of people with less or no resources in this country?

What is a country if it cannot uphold the true values of human kind in its true essence of a beings birth right to live and survive in conditions that support daily habits and necessities? What constitutes a free market when it’s controlled by the little minority who have an upper hand in its result?

Students are being held to martial education… All controlled by the supposedly “free market” …. Knowledge is power and it comes with a high cost of running head straight into the profitable market of this economy in a trial to pay off educational dept… Ones that cost you knowledge and in return you get cynicism!!!

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