What is the purpose of an online press page?

The purpose of a Press Page is to be the source of information centered on the needs of journalists and reporters who are looking to cover issues or people that your organization covers.

An online press-room offers journalists 24-hour access to information about your organization in which you control the presentation of your message.

Each section of your organization’s website should have a link that navigates viewers to the press page.

The main essentials?  Organization is a must!

Check out Peace Action West‘s Basic Press Page

1. Contact Information

This is one of the main essentials because the easier is to for them to contact you or someone from your organization, the better it is for you to pitch your organization’s message and build further relationships with media outreach. Journalists write stories, it sounds best when it’s the message is communicated vocally with a personal touch.

  • Designate a primary PR contact or a Media spokesperson with a Name, Phone number and an Email address.
  • A 24-hour media contact is preferred but if that’s not within your reach then provide advanced warnings of delay in getting back to people such as “someone will get in touch with you within 24hours” though is acceptable, it is preferred to use the designated person’s name in the email so that it doesn’t become generic.

2. Search Archives

Journalists tend to be on very heavy deadlines and work off office hours so it is best when for them when they can search archives and everything they need in one place anytime during the day without having to do heavy research and make late phone calls.

  • Make the search functions by keywords to make navigation easy with clear production of contents.
  • Organized (weekly, daily or monthly)
  • Keep your archives available for journalists to view easily. They like to investigate and find information quickly The easier to access, the better!

3. News releases

It is not only important to have news releases but it should be mandatory for this specific section to be updated daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your campaigns and issues.

  • Place them in order of prominence and date
  • Provide a summary of the issue covered in the release then provide the content
  • If the particular event or issue got picked up by the Media, provide a link to the coverage
  • Make the News releases section in a simple way that allows easy navigation to other parts of the website.

4. News Coverage- List by the most recent

  • Try not to bore them with the whole article, you show the coverage on your organization, high light it but it’s not a good idea to have a long story.
  • The point of this section is to show that your organization is news worthy and prove it. Think about the resume you would carry to a job interview.
  • Succinct headlines and prominent release dates
  • Provide links to the news outlets that covered the issue

5. Downloadable Press kits

Have your information ready for print. It saves on paper and provides the press with all the important information you would like to present to them on their own time.

  • Background, Fact Sheets, and FAQS
  • Sample Press Releases relating to issues covered by the organization
  • About us information and Contact information

Other Additions to the Website

1. High and low resolution photographs

-You want to have a back up just incase the reporters on duty do not have a photographer with them and they are on deadline. It’s always best to be prepared.

  • -Especially if an event happened recently and you want press coverage on the event.
  • – This is also a great way to advertise the logo that represents your organization

2. Outside networks such as blogs, social networks and etc.

  • -This provides the press with external information about your organization that can be useful in researching views of the public. Having a open forum for the public to leave comments gives reporters a general feel for others in the community perceive your organization and what kind of an impact your organization carries on the community.

3. Executive biographies – Personalize and SELL to build credibility-

  • – Who runs the place, what are their credentials and what positions do they carry?

4. Events calendar and audio/video files

  • -This allows them to get feedback and updates from locals who attend your events
  • -Also a great way to prepare them for the next event

5. Financial information (Also helps with donations)

  • Providing details to how your organization runs
  • Who funds your organization and whom are you affiliated with.
  • This is a perfect opportunity to nationalize or localize your organization to grassroots alike.

© Tenzin W. Shakya

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