Woman’s inhumanity to woman!

“Are women oppressed? Yes. Do oppressed people internalize their oppressors’ attitudes? Without a doubt. Prejudice must first be acknowledged before it can be resisted or overcome.” Phyllis Chesler

Chesler urges us to look within, to treat other women realistically, ethically, and kindly, and to forge bold and compassionate alliances. This is a necessary next step for women, without which they will never be liberated.

The patriarchy system has been overpowering men and women on both sides. It makes it impossible for some men to realize the sexism that exists and makes it almost impossible for women to be counterproductive and overcome it. Perhaps Buddhism has some insight in allowing us (all sexes) to understand each other better. Separating women and men work against the core foundation of equality that feminism was built upon. It doesn’t help to unity and understanding to the table. It might be more productive to take out the aspects of the biological differences and theories we were born into and focus on behavioral studies of individual men, women, transgendered people around the world and hear them out. Listening might help in this case- more than judgments deciding conclusions. We all have our demons, our bad habits exists by mostly circumstance so we need guidance from each other and from ourselves to direct the bad habits to an exit sign and find the right entrance, one that works for us anyway. It’s not women or men that bring us down, its our own self, and though it might be extremely difficult for us to overcome our demons, making the attempt is a start, and with every start you begin a journey. My way of overcoming sexism is to fight the system, not its people. Perhaps i’m a dreamer, but really as Lennon said “I’m not the only one.” Oh yes, Yoko helped too… of course she did, she is a hero in her bad self, not a heroine or a damn SHERO! She’s a hero, and yes she does deserve the title. I’ll end this entry with a good video of diversity working for the better with all worlds of music, race, gender and nation – all for one good cause!

3 thoughts on “Woman’s inhumanity to woman!

  1. khamba1

    Yo, an excellent article & to the point. As a Tibetan & 60’s child in the U.S. I hear you loud & clear. aYO, it’s the people with personal agenda who created such a “system” & you & I or We
    were not in on it. Most people are easily manipulated to follow cos they have indoctrinated since childhood and never taught how to think but what to think, therefor programed. Easy!
    a Free thinking Spirit is dangerous in a Society who wants everyone to conform & serve.
    Sever who? The all mighty dollar, “in GOD we trust”. and the m**her f***ers who print & own them. Yo, follow the money as the saying goes.
    Here’s an simple & interesting Buddhist quote.
    “Everyone wants to change the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves”

  2. youngie

    this made me think of my fave poem by j.jordan

    “I am not wrong: Wrong is not my name
    My name is my own my own my own
    and I can’t tell you who the hell set things up like this
    but I can tell you that from now on my resistance
    my simple and daily and nightly self-determination
    may very well cost you your life”

    MY resistance, MY simple and daily and nightly self-determination may very well cost you your life
    yes. gotta fight the system.

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