Joy, happiness and fully accepted
A life that will make you happy
Hardships you know you can overcome
Together walking the grounds in society
A wondrous adventure set ahead
But worth it on what grounds?
Parting from the ones who dedicated their life for you?
Hurting them in unimaginable ways inside and out

One has all you want and one has all you promised
How far can this road pass by like this?
There comes a point when you must decide left or right
Reasoning with everything you come to a decision
But then you hardly believe its what you want

So, what sacrifice proves to that ending?
Left or Right, whats in between?
Stuck with the endless thoughts, no sleep
But really, where is this going to lead?
Predicting the future with a hard price to pay
Lose all you have for the one you want
How do you walk away from the only ones who are there.
Left or Right, standing still’ In between!

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