To “Friendship”

Wonders what effect people could have on you.

Ones you’ve loved and treasured for as long as they’ve remained with you and those you vowed a friendship for eternity.

My dear friends time passes so quickly that you don;t realize the “ideal” friendship you praised so much.
Time parts everything and everyone, we need to use our times to a good use and take the time of
the day to catch up with old friends before it slowly fades to a different stage.

The ones who don’t forget you while you are out of their life for some time. The ones that appreciate you still even though you may not talk anymore and the ones that still remember you as you are and understand your space.

Those friends that i have i love and those friends i hope to catch up with soon. The list is too long.

But on the side-

Our differences make us work Nora and i lover you yarr soo mushy mushy nah… kya kare hum bhi to diwani hai. CHILAXXXXXX haha..

Lastly, to those who call themselves friends and take full advantage of their people, regrets only hit when you miss what you ain’t got and what you got you lost.

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