Mind is the forerunners of all actions!!!

Back to basics!! (Open to interpretations)


Life is suffering, (Dukka)
Suffering arises from desire/ attachments,
To extinguish suffering, one must extinguish desire/attachment,

The path which leads to this is THE NOBLE EIGHTFUL


Right view; Correctly understanding REALITY!
Right intention; Forming the intention of freeing oneself from craving, ill-will, hatred and violence.
Right speech; Avoiding all talk which is harmful or negative.
Right action; Avoiding killing, stealing, cheating, or engaging in sexual relations with any other than your spouse.
Right livelihood; Earning a living in a manner which will bring no harm to others.
Right effort; Aim to control evil and in wholesome thoughts and/or at a state of mind.
Right mindfulness; Constantly being aware of your intentions, thoughts, desire and their origins.
Right concentration; Focusing the mind on truth.

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